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Тема: Назови свою любимую группу (хотя бы одну)

  1. #61
    Аватар для profi

    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от Техноком
    Блин... я тут со своим хип-хопом и электронкой не приделах .....
    А у меня свой хип-хоп: Галкин-Пугачёва-Данилко!!!
    кто бы знал какое это наказание- жить в мире созданым кем-то другим...

    ...mit deutscher Staatsangehцrigkeit und ukrainischer Volkszugehцrigkeit...

  2. #62
    Аватар для Фдучъ

    По умолчанию

    Benni Benassi, Bob Marley, Deep Forest, De-Phazz, Faithless, FatboySlim, Madonna, Morcheeba, Red Snapper, Sting, Us3
    Правда только на заборах!

  3. #63
    Почетный форумчанин
    Остроумие года 2007, 2008, 2010
    Рекламист года 2008
    Подпись года 2009, 2012
    Циник года 2012, 2013
    Аватар для 1960
    Киев, эт. 17, 77 кв.

    По умолчанию

    Ґонто... пробач Україну. Вона тебе не гідна.

  4. #64


    По умолчанию


  5. #65
    Аватар для Dima.zp.ua
    Днепр-Запорожье (транзит)

    По умолчанию


    Днепропетровск, мой дом родной!
    ...Ты только будь всегда со мной, товарищ мой, Днепропетровск!!!

  6. #66
    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

    #####5DIEZ (Russia) 2006 Камикадзе
    1349 2003 Liberation
    1349 2004 Beyond The Apocalypse
    36CRAZYFISTS 2006 Rest Inside The Flames
    3RD AND THE MORTAL. THE 1994 Tears Laid In Earth
    3RD AND THE MORTAL. THE 1995 Nightswan
    3RD AND THE MORTAL. THE 1996 The 3Rd And The Mortal
    3RD AND THE MORTAL. THE 1997 In This Room
    69 EYES. THE 1999 Wasting The Dawn
    69 EYES. THE 2000 Blessed Be
    69 EYES. THE 2003 Paris Kills
    69 EYES. THE 2004 Devils
    69 EYES. THE 2005 Motor City Resurrection
    69 EYES. THE 2007 Angels
    A STATIC LULLABY 2005 ..And Don't Forget To Breathe
    ABHOR 2000 Nequaquam Vacuum
    ABHORRENCE 2001 Evoking The Abomination
    ABIGOR 1995 Orkblut-The Retaliation
    ABIGOR 1999 Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan
    ABIGOR 2001 Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)
    ABLAZE MY SORROW 2002 Anger. Hate And Fury
    ABOMINATOR 2001 Subversives For Lucifer
    ABOMINATOR 2003 Nuctemeron Descent
    ABORTED 2000 The Purity Of Perversion
    ABORTED 2001 Engineering The Dead
    ABORTED 2003 Goremageddon
    ABORTED 2005 The Archaic Abattoir
    ABORTED 2007 Slaughter & Apparatus-A Methodical Overture
    ABORTUS 2001 Process Of Elimination
    ABORTUS 2001 Process Of Elimination
    ABORYM 1999 Kali-Yuga Bizarre
    ABORYM 2000 Fire Walk With Us!
    ABORYM 2003 With No Human Intervention
    ABORYM 2006 Generator
    ABOSRANIE BOGOM 2003 Coprotherapy
    ABSCESS 2000 Tormented
    ABSCESS 2002 Through The Cracks Of Death
    ABSCESS 1996 Seminal Vampires and maggot men
    ABSCESS 1995 Urine Junkies
    ABSCESS 2004 Damned and mummified
    ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE 2002 Systematic Terror Decimation
    ABSOLUTION Complete Discography
    ABSU 1997 The Third Storm Of Cythraul
    ABSU 1998 In The Eyes Of Joldanach
    ABSU 2001 Tara
    ABSURD 2001 Werwolfthron
    ABSURD 2004 Raubritter
    ABUSED MAJESTY 2005 Serpenthrone
    ABYSMAL 1996 The Pillorian Age
    ABYSMAL TORMENT (Malta) 2005 IncisedWound suicide
    ABYSS. THE 1996 Summon The Beast
    ABYSSIC HATE 2000 Suicidal Emotions
    ABYSSIC HATE 2006 A Decade Of Hate
    AC\DC 1975 High Voltage
    AC\DC 1976 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    AC\DC 1979 Highway To Hell
    AC\DC 1980 Back In Black
    AC\DC 1983 Flick Of The Switch
    AC\DC 1990 The Razor'S Edge
    AC\DC 1992 Live (CD 1)
    AC\DC 1992 Live+ Bonus (CD 2)
    AC\DC 1995 Ballbreaker
    AC\DC 2000 Stiff Upper Lip + Bonus
    ACAO DIRETA (Bra) 1997 Revolucia…
    ACCEPT 1981 Breaker
    ACCEPT 1982 Restless & Wild
    ACCEPT 1984 Balls To The Wall
    ACCEPT 1985 Metal Heart
    ACCEPT 1986 Russian Roullete
    ACCEPT 1989 Eat The Heat
    ACCEPT 1985 Staying A Life
    ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE 1992 Deceased
    ACCUSED, THE 1988 Martha splatterhead's maddest stories ever told
    ACCUSED, THE 1990 Grinding like an undertaker
    ACCUSSER 1987 The Conviction
    ACCUSSER 1988 Experimental Errors
    ACHERON 1998 Those Who Have Risen
    ACROHOLIA (Yugoslavia) 2001 Ecocide
    AD INFERNA 2002 L'Empire Des Sens
    AD NOMINEM 2005 Planet 3DG-The End
    ADORNED BROOD 2000 Asgard
    ADORNED BROOD 2002 Erdenkraft
    ADRAMLECH 1997 Psychostasia
    ADULTERY 2006 Age Of Rebirths
    ADVERSARY 1999 We must be in hell (mini)
    ADVERSARY 2000 Forsaken
    AEBA 1998 Im Schattenreich
    AEBA 1999 Flammenmanifest
    AEBA 2004 Shemhamforash
    AES DANA 2006 Formors
    AESMA DAEVA 1999 Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water
    AETERNITAS 2000 Requiem
    AETERNUS 1998 ...And So The Night Became
    AETERNUS 2001 Ascension Of Terror
    AFI 2006 Decemberunderground
    AFTER FOREVER 2000 Prison Of Desire
    AFTER FOREVER 2001 Decipher
    AFTER FOREVER 2003 Exordium
    AFTER FOREVER 2004 Invisible Circles
    AFTER FOREVER 2005 Remagine
    AFTER FOREVER 2006 Mea Culpa (CD 1)
    AFTER FOREVER 2006 Mea Culpa (CD 2)
    AGALLOCH 2002 The Mantle
    AGATHOCLES 1992 Theatric Symbolisation Of Life
    AGATHOCLES 1995 Razor Sharp Daggers
    AGATHOCLES 1997 Humarrogance
    AGATHOCLES 2001 Mince Core History 1989-1993
    AGATHOCLES 2001 Until It Bleeds Again
    AGATHOCLES 2002 To Serve… To Protect / Leads To…
    AGATHOCLES 2005 Split w/S.A.A.E.I. & MOURMANSK 150
    AGATHOCLES 2005 Robotized (Split DEPRESSION)
    AGATHOCLES 1991 Live in Leipzig, Germany 1991
    AGATHOCLES 1994 Black Clouds Determinate
    AGATHOCLES 1996 Thanks for your hostility
    AGATHOCLES 1989 Live in Gierle, Belgium 1989
    AGATHOCLES 2004 Mincemania in bulgaria
    AGATHOCLES (Bel) 2001 Mince core History 1985-1990
    AGATHOCLES (Bel) 2001 Bomb Brussels (mini)
    AGATHODAIMON 1998 Blacken The Angel
    AGATHODAIMON 1999 Higher Art Of Rebellion
    AGATHODAIMON 2001 Chapter III
    AGATHODAIMON 2004 Serpent's Embrace
    AGENTS OF SATAN (US) 2003 The old testament
    AGIEL 2002 Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign
    AGLAROND 2001 The Journey's End
    AGNOSTIC FRONT 2004 Another Voice
    AGNOSTIC FRONT 1986 Cause for alarm
    AGNOSTIC FRONT 1987 Justice & liberty for…
    AGNOSTIC FRONT One for bier
    AGNOSTIC FRONT 1992 One Voice
    AGNOSTIC FRONT Riot, riot, Upstart
    AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED 1998 Hunky Reduction
    AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED 2002 Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope
    AGRESSOR 1999 Medieval Rites
    AHUMADO GRANUJO 2001 Splatter Tekk
    AHUMADO GRANUJO 2004 Chemical Holocaust
    AION 1997 Midian
    AISLING 2006 Aisling / Trath Na Goath
    AJATTARA 2001 Itse
    AJATTARA 2003 Kuolema
    AJATTARA 2004 Tyhjyys
    AJATTARA 2006 Apare
    AKERCOCKE 2001 The Goat Of Mendes
    AKERCOCKE 2003 Choronzon
    AKHENATON 1995 Divine Symphonies
    ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY 2002 Staring at the divine
    ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY 2003 Constellation
    ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY 2004 Fullton hill
    ALAN PARSONS PROJECT 1976 Tales Of Mystery And Imaginations
    ALAN PRICE 1973 O'lucky Man!
    ALAS 2001 Absolute Purity
    ALASTIS 1995 ...And Death Smiled
    ALASTIS 1997 The Other Side
    ALASTIS 1998 Revenge
    ALASTIS 2001 Unity
    ALCHEMIST 1998 Spiritech
    ALCHEMIST 2000 Organasm
    ALCHEMIST 2003 Austral Alien
    ALGHAZANTH 2000 Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity
    ALGHAZANTH 2001 Subliminal Antenora
    ALGHAZANTH 2002 Osiris-Typhon Unmasked
    ALICE COOPER 1971 Love It To Death
    ALICE COOPER 1972 Schools Out
    ALICE COOPER 1973 Billion Dollar Babies
    ALICE COOPER 1974 Muscle Of Love
    ALICE COOPER 1975 Welcome To My Nightmare
    ALICE COOPER 1989 Trash
    ALICE COOPER 1989-1990 Classicks Lives Vol.1
    ALICE COOPER 1991 Hey Stoopid
    ALICE COOPER 2000 Brutal Planet
    ALICE COOPER 2001 Dragontown
    ALICE COOPER 2006 Dirty Diamonds
    ALICE IN CHAINS 1992 Dirt + Bonus
    ALIEN SCREAM (Indonesia) Back to the glory
    ALIENATION MENTAL (Cze) 2002 Ball Sprouter
    ALIENATION MENTAL (Cze) 2005 Psychopaticolorspectrum
    ALL SHALL PERISH 2003 Hate.Malice.Revenge
    ALL THAT IS EVIL 2000 Split With Descend
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND 1970 Idlewild South
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND 1971 At Fillmore East
    ALTAR 2001 Red Harvest
    ALTAR 1996 Ego art
    ALTAR 1994 Youth against the christ
    ALTER BRIDGE 2004 One day remains
    ALVIN LEE 1994 I Hear You Rocking
    AL-WAHAAR DHIN 2002 The Third Power Of Alfta
    AMATORY (Russia) 2004 Неизбежность
    AMATORY (Russia) 2005 Вечно Прячется Судьба
    AMATORY (Russia) 2006 Преступление Против Времени
    AMATORY (Russia) 2006 Книга Мертвых
    AMATORY+КИРПИЧИ (Russia) 2005 Правда
    AMAZON 2005 Victoria Regia
    AMBRAZURA (Russia) 2002 Storm In Your Brains
    AMBULANCE The end of our time
    AMEN 2000 We Have Come For Your Parents
    AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE 2001 The War Of Art
    AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE 2001 The war of art
    AMOEBIC DYSENTERY 2002 Mongoloid Metal
    AMOEBIC DYSENTERY 2006 Hospice Orgy
    AMON AMARTH 1997 Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
    AMON AMARTH 1998 Once Sent From The Golden Halls
    AMON AMARTH 1999 The Avenger
    AMON AMARTH 2001 The Crusher
    AMON AMARTH 2002 Versus The World
    AMON AMARTH 2004 Fate Of Horns
    AMON AMARTH 2006 With Oden On Our Side (Disc 1)
    AMON AMARTH 2006 With Oden On Our Side (Disc 2)
    AMORPHIS 1993 Privilege Of Evil
    AMORPHIS 1993 The Karelian Isthmus
    AMORPHIS 1994 Tales From The Thousand Lakes
    AMORPHIS 1995 Black Winter Day
    AMORPHIS 1996 Elegy
    AMORPHIS 1997 My Kantele
    AMORPHIS 1999 Tuonela
    AMORPHIS 2001 Am Universum
    AMORPHIS 2003 Far From The Sun
    AMORPHIS 2006 Eclipse
    AMSVARTNER 1997 The Trollish Mirror
    AMSVARTNER 1999 Dreams
    AN ALBATROSS 2001 Eat lighting, shit thunder (mini)
    ANAEMIA 2003 Stupidity Of The Lambs
    ANAL BLAST 1999 Vaginal Vempire
    ANAL BLEEDING 2003 Two Cocks In The Same Hole
    ANAL BLEEDING 2001 Guts Out Of Anus (mini)
    ANAL CUNT 1993 Morbid Florist
    ANAL CUNT 1996 40 More Reasons To Hate Us
    ANAL CUNT 1997 I Like It When You Die
    ANAL STENCH 2003 Stench Like Six Demons
    ANARCHUS 2000 Still Alive (…And Still Too Drunk)
    ANARCHUS 2004 The Human Spectacle
    ANATA 2006 The Conductor's Departure
    ANATA 1998 The Infernal Depth of hatred
    ANATA 2001 Dreams ao death and dismay
    ANATA 2003 Under a stone with no Inscription
    ANATHEMA 1992 Crestfallen
    ANATHEMA 1993 Serenades
    ANATHEMA 1995 Pentecost III
    ANATHEMA 1995 The Silent Enigma
    ANATHEMA 1996 Eternity
    ANATHEMA 1998 Alternative 4
    ANATHEMA 1999 Judgement
    ANATHEMA 2001 A Fine Day To Exit
    ANATHEMA 2003 A Natural Disaster
    ANCHORAGE 1994 Tranquillity And Maelstrom Starts
    ANCIENT 1994 Svartalvheim
    ANCIENT 1997 Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
    ANCIENT 2001 God Loves The Dead
    ANCIENT 2001 Proxima Centauri
    ANCIENT CEREMONY 1995 Cemetary Visions
    ANCIENT CEREMONY 1997 Under Moonlight We Kiss
    ANCIENT CEREMONY 1999 Fallen Angel’S Symphony
    ANCIENT CEREMONY 2000 Synagoga Diabolica
    ANCIENT CEREMONY 2002 The Third Testament
    ANCIENT CEREMONY 2004 P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all
    ANCIENT DRIVE 2000 Black Orgies
    ANCIENT RITES 1998 Fatherland
    ANCIENT RITES 2001 Dim Carcosa
    ANCIENT WISDOM 2000 And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled
    ANCIENT WISDOM 2004 Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
    AND OCEANS 1998 The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts
    AND OCEANS 1999 The Symmetry Of I / The Circle Of 0
    AND OCEANS 2001 A.M.G.O.D
    AND OCEANS 2002 Cypher
    ANDY WEST with RAMA 2002 Rama 1
    ANGEL CORPSE 1998 Exterminate
    ANGEL CORPSE 1999 The Inexorable
    ANGEL CORPSE 2001 Iron,Blood & Blasphemy
    ANGEL DUST 2001 The Human Bondage
    ANGIZIA 1997 Das Tagebuch Der Hanna Anikin
    ANGIZIA 1997 Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter
    ANGIZIA 1999 Das Schazhbrett Des Trommelbuben Zacharias
    ANGIZIA 2001 39 Jahre Fur Den Leierkastenmann
    ANGRA 2006 Aurora Consurgens
    ANGRY KAKASHKA (Ukr) 2001 Shitcosm (Demo)
    ANIMA DAMNATA 2003 Agonizing Journey Through The Burning Universe And Transcendental Ritual Of Transfiguration
    ANIMALS 1965 Animals
    ANNIHILATOR 1989 Alice In Hell
    ANNIHILATOR 1990 Never. Neverland
    ANNIHILATOR 1996 Refresh The Demon
    ANNIHILATOR 1997 Remains
    ANNIHILATOR 1999 Criteria For A Black Widow
    ANNIHILATOR 2001 Carnival Diablos
    ANNIHILATOR 2002 Waking The Fury
    ANNIHILATOR 2003 Double Live Annihilation(cd 1)
    ANNIHILATOR 2003 Double Live Annihilation(cd 2)
    ANNIHILATOR 2004 All For You
    ANNIHILATOR 2006 Schizo Deluxe
    ANOREXIA NERVOSA 1999 Drudenhaus
    ANOREXIA NERVOSA 2001 New Obscurantis Order
    ANTAEUS 2004 Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan
    ANTAIOS 2000 God; The Fake Artist
    ANTHRAX 1987 Among The Living
    ANTHRAX 1988 State Of Euphoria
    ANTHRAX 1990 Persistence Of Time
    ANTHRAX 1991 Attack Of The Killer B'S
    ANTHRAX 1994 Stomp 442
    ANTHRAX 1998 Volume 8-Threat Of Real
    ANTHRAX 1989 I'M The Man
    ANTHRAX 2003 We’ve Come For You All
    ANTICHRISIS 1997 Cantara Anachoreta
    ANTICHRISIS 1998 Legacy Of Love
    ANTICHRISIS 2001 Perfume
    ANTIMATTER 2003 The Last Laugh
    ANTIMATTER 2006 Planetary Confinement
    ANUBI 1994 God's Pantheon
    ANWYL 2003 Postmortem Apocalypse
    APHRODITE'S CHILD 1969-71 The Complete Collection CD 1
    APHRODITE'S CHILD 1969-71 The Complete Collection CD 2
    APOCALYPTICA 1996 Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
    APOCALYPTICA 1998 Inquisition Symphony
    APOCALYPTICA 2000 Cult
    APOCALYPTICA 2003 Reflections
    APOCALYPTICA 2005 Apocalyptica
    APOCALYPTICA 2006 Amplified (CD 1)
    APOCALYPTICA 2006 Amplified (CD 2)
    APOKEFALE (Russia) 2005 Interior Chaos
    APOTHEOSIS 1996 A Shroud Of Belief
    APRAXIA (Belarus) 1997 Hymns Of Dark Forests
    ARACHNES 2002 Apocalypse
    ARCANA 2000 …The Last Embrace
    ARCH ENEMY 1996 Black Earth
    ARCH ENEMY 1998 Stigmata
    ARCH ENEMY 1999 Burning Bridges
    ARCH ENEMY 2002 Wages Of Sin
    ARCH ENEMY 2002 Rare & Unreleased
    ARCH ENEMY 2003 Anthems Of Rebellion
    ARCH ENEMY 2005 Doomsday Machine
    ARCHEON 2005 End Of The Weakness
    ARCONA 2001 Zeta Retieculi
    ARCTURUS 1996 Aspera Hiems Symfonia
    ARCTURUS 1997 La Masquerade Infernale
    ARCTURUS 1999 Disguised Masters
    ARCTURUS 2002 The Sham Mirrors
    ARCTURUS 2003 Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel
    ARCTURUS 2005 Sideshow Symphonies
    ARGENT 1970 Argent
    ARGENT 1971 Ring Of Hands
    ARGENT 1972 All Together Now
    ARGENT 1973 In Deep
    ARISE 2001 The Godly Work Of Art
    ARISE 2003 Kings Of The Cloned Generation
    ARISE 2005 The Beautiful New World
    ARISE FROM THORNS 2001 Before An Audience Of Stars
    ARKENSTONE 2005 Arkenstone
    ARKHON INFAUSTUS 2001 Hell Injection
    ARKHON INFAUSTUS 2003 Filth Catalyst
    ARKONA 2001 Zeta Reticuli
    ARMADA.THE 2003 Rage Of The Armada
    ARMAGEDDON 1997 Crossing The Rubicon
    ARMATUS 2000 Eternal Flame Of Hate(E.F.O.Hate)
    ARRIVAL 2002 In Abstract Of Inertia
    ARROW,THE (Russia) 2006 Хранитель Душ
    ART INFERNO 2000 Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
    ARTHEMESIA 2001 Deus-Iratus
    ARTILLERY 1999 B.A.C.K.
    ARTROSIS 1998 Hidden Dimension
    ARTROSIS 2000 In The Flowers'Shade
    ARTROSIS 2002 Melange
    ARYAN TRIUMPH 2005 Kriegsbruder(Split OLD LEGACY)
    AS IT BURNS 2003 Mortal Dusk
    ASCENDANCY 2004 Rise Of A Dead Empire
    ASES 2005 Of Moonlords And Sunwheelwarriors
    ASGAROTH 2000 Absence Spells Beyond...
    ASGAROTH 2003 Red Shift
    ASGUARD (Belarus) 2003 Black Fireland
    ASGUARD (Belarus) 2005 Dreamslave
    ASHEN LIGHT (Russia) 2000-2001 Стары Былины/Славенские Вечера
    ASHEN LIGHT (Russia) 2001 Песнь Велеса
    ASHEN LIGHT (Russia) 2002 Песни Мертвых/Зов Тьмы
    ASHEN LIGHT (Russia) 2005 Причащение Огнем
    ASHES YOU LEAVE 1998 The Passage Back To Life
    ASHES YOU LEAVE 1999 Desperate Existence
    ASHES YOU LEAVE 2000 The Inheritance Of Sin And Shame
    ASHES YOU LEAVE 2002 Fire
    ASMEGIN 2003 Hin Vordende Sod & Sщ
    ASPHYX 1991 The Rack
    ASPHYX 1992 Last One On Earth
    ASPHYX 1994 Asphyx
    ASPHYX 1996 Godcries
    ASPHYX 2000 On The Wings Of Inferno
    ASRAI 2004 Touch In The Dark
    ASSAZZIN 1988 "Interstellar Experience"
    ASTAROTH 1997 Sklavengott
    ASTAROTH 1999 Violent Soundtrack Martyrium
    ASTAROTH 2001 Annus Suprimus (1996 - 1997)
    ASTAROTH 2006 Organic Perpetual Hatework
    ASTARTE 2000 Rise From Within
    ASTARTE 2002 Quod Superius. Sicut Inferius
    ASTARTE 2004 Sirens
    ASTRAY 1998 Alone
    ASTROFAES(Украина) 1996 The Attraction:Heavens And Earth
    ASTROFAES(Украина) 2000 Dying Emotion Domain
    ASTROFAES(Украина) 2002 Ancestors Shadows
    ASTROFAES(Украина) 2004 The Eyes Of The Beast
    AT THE GATES 1992 The Red In The Sky Is Ours
    AT THE GATES 1993 With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
    AT THE GATES 1994 Terminal Spirit Desease
    AT THE GATES 1995 Slaughter Of The Soul
    ATHEIST 1990 Piece Of Time
    ATHEIST 1991 Unquestionable Presence
    ATHEIST 1993 Elements
    ATHENA 1998 A New Religion?
    ATLANTIS 1972 Atlantis
    ATOMIC ROOSTER 1970 Atomic Rooster
    ATOMIC ROOSTER 1970 Death Walks Behind You
    ATOMIC ROOSTER 1971 In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster
    ATOMIC ROOSTER 1972 Made In England
    ATOMIC ROOSTER 1973 Nice'N'Greasy
    ATRITAS 2005 Where Witches Burnt
    ATROCITY 2000 Taste Of Sin
    ATROCITY 2004 Atlantis
    ATROX 2000 Contentum
    ATROX 2002 Terrestrials
    AUDIENCE 1970 Friends,Friends,Friends
    AUDIENCE 1971 The House Of The Hill
    AUDIENCE 1972 Lunch
    AUDIOSLAVE 2006 Revelations
    AURA NOIR 1997 Increased Damnation
    AURORA 1993 The Land Of Harm And Appletrees
    AURORA 1999 Sadiam
    AURORA 2001 Dead Electric Nighmares
    AURORA BOREALIS 2000 Northern Lights
    AUTOPHAGIA 2003 Postmortem Human Offal
    AUTOPSY 1990 Severed Survival
    AUTOPSY 1991 Mental Funeral
    AUTUMN (Russia) 2001 Черные Крылья
    AUTUMN (Russia) 2005 Осень-Вечна…
    AUTUMN LEAVES 1999 As Night Conquers Day
    AUTUMN TEARS 1999 …Act 2: The Garden Of Crystalline Dreams
    AUTUMN TEARS 2000 …Act 3: Winter And The Broken Angel
    AUTUMN TEARS 2004 Eclipse
    AUTUMNBLAZE 1999 Daemmerelbentragoedie
    AUTUMNBLAZE 2000 Bleak
    AUTUMNIA (Ukraine) 2004 In Loneliness Of Two Souls
    AVERNUS 2000 Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie
    AVERSE SEFIRA 2001 Battle's Clarion
    AVERSE SEFIRA 2002 Homecoming's March
    AVERSE SEFIRA 2005 Tetragrammatical Astygmata
    AVREON 2004 The Human Equation (CD 1)
    AVREON 2004 The Human Equation (CD 2)
    AVULSED 1999 Stabwound Orgasm
    AVULSED 2002 Yearning For The Grotesque
    AVULSED 2005 Gorespattered Suicide
    AXAMENTA 2002 Codex Barathri
    AXEL RUDI PELL 2006 Mystica
    AXIS OF ADVANCE 2001 Strike
    AZAGHAL 1999 Mustamaa
    AZAGHAL 1999 Helvetic Dhdeksan Piiria
    AZAGHAL 2003 Of Beasts And Vultures
    AZAGHAL 2004 Kyy
    BABBLE 1993 The Stone
    BABBLE 1996 Enter
    BAD BRAINS 1996 Black Dots
    BAD COMPANY 1974 Bad Co.
    BAD COMPANY 1975 Straight Shooter
    BAD RELIGION 1982 How Could Hell Be Any Worse
    BAD RELIGION 1988 Suffer
    BAD RELIGION 1989 No Control
    BAD RELIGION 1992 Generator
    BAD RELIGION 1995 All Ages
    BAD RELIGION 2000 The New America
    BAD RELIGION 2004 The Empire,Strikes First
    BAL-SAGOTH 1995 A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
    BAL-SAGOTH 1997 Starfire Burning Upon Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule
    BAL-SAGOTH 1998 Battle Magic
    BAL-SAGOTH 1999 The Power Cosmic
    BAL-SAGOTH 2001 Atlantis Ascendant
    BAL-SAGOTH 2006 The Chthonic Chronicles
    BALTAK 1998 Загинатиjот Град
    BALTAK 2000 Крал На Два Светоj
    BALTAK 2003 Македонски Боj
    BANCO DE GAIA 2000 Igizeh
    BANISHED 1994 Deliver Me Unto Pain
    BARATHRUM 1996 Eerie
    BARATHRUM 2000 Okkult
    BARATHRUM 2003 Venomous
    BARBARITY 2003 The wish to Bleed
    BARCODE 2003 Hardcore
    BARCODE 2005 Showdown
    BARGULF 2002 Invading The Throne
    BARRACUDA (Bel) 2001 In carna
    BATHORY 1984 Bathory
    BATHORY 1985 The Return...
    BATHORY 1987 Under The Sign Of Black Mark
    BATHORY 1988 Blood Fire Death
    BATHORY 1990 Hammerheart
    BATHORY 1992 Twilight Of The Gods
    BATHORY 1996 Blood On Ice
    BATHORY 2001 Destroyer Of Worlds
    BATHORY 2002 Nordland I
    BATHORY 2002 Nordland II
    BATTLELORE 2002 …Where The Shadows Lie
    BATTLELORE 2003 Sword's Song
    BATTLELORE 2005 Uhid Age Of The Sun
    BATTLELORE 2007 Evernight
    BATTLESWORD 2004 Failing In Triumph
    BAY LAUREL 1995 Under A Clouded Sky
    BAZZAH 1996 Death Is All I See…
    BEASTCRAFT 2005 Into The Burning Pit Of Hell
    BEATEN BACK TO PURE 2001 Southern Apocalypse
    BEHEADED 1998 Perpetual Mockery
    BEHEADED 2000 Resurgence In Oblivion
    BEHEADED 2002 Recounts Of Disembodiment
    BEHEMOTH 1994 …From The Pagan Vastlands
    BEHEMOTH 1995 Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)
    BEHEMOTH 1996 Grom
    BEHEMOTH 1997 Bewitching The Pomerania
    BEHEMOTH 1998 Pandemonic Incantations
    BEHEMOTH 1999 Satanica
    BEHEMOTH 2000 Thelema. 6
    BEHEMOTH 2001 Storms To Unleash
    BEHEMOTH 2001 Thunders To Erupt
    BEHEMOTH 2002 Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)
    BEHEMOTH 2004 Demigod
    BEHIND THE SCENERY 1997 Nocturnal Beauty Of A Dying Land
    BELENOS 2002 Spicilиge
    BELLUM 2004 Vinland Rising (Split RHUNE)
    BELPHEGOR 1999 The Last Supper
    BELPHEGOR 2002 Infernal Live Orgasm
    BELPHEGOR 2003 Lucifer Incestus
    BELPHEGOR 2005 Goatreich-Fleshcult
    BELPHEGOR 2006 Restapocalypse VI
    BENEDICTION 1990 Subsconcious Terror
    BENEDICTION 1991 The Grand Leveller
    BENEDICTION 1993 Transcend The Rubicon
    BENEDICTION 1995 The Dream You Dread
    BENEDICTION 1998 Grind Bastard
    BENEDICTION 2001 Organised Chaos
    BENEDICTION (UK) 1994 The Grotesque / Ashen Epitaph
    BENUMB 2000 Withering Strands Of Hope
    BERGTHRON 1997 Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Walder…
    BERGTHRON 2001 Jagdheim
    BERGTHRON 2004 Faust Fur Faust
    BERZERKER. THE 2000 The Berzerker
    BERZERKER. THE 2002 Dissimulate
    BERZERKER. THE 2005 World Of Lies
    BERZERKER. THE 2007 Animosity
    BESATT 2000 Hail Lucifer
    BESEECH 1998 ...From A Bleeding Heart
    BESEECH 2000 Black Emotions
    BESEECH 2002 Souls Highway
    BESEECH 2004 Drama
    BESIEGED 2005 Besieged
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    BEWITCHED 1996 Diabolical Desecration
    BEWITCHED 1996 Encyclopedia Of Evil
    BEWITCHED 1997 Pentagram Prayer
    BEYOND DAWN 1999 Electric Sulking Machine
    BEYOND FEAR 2006 Beyond Fear
    BEYOND THE NINTH WAVE 2005 Beyond The Ninth Wave
    BEYOND TWILIGHT 2006 For Love And The Art Of The Making
    BILSKIRNIR 2002 In Flames Of Purification
    BILSKIRNIR 2003 Atavismus des Glaubens
    BILSKIRNIR 2003 Totenheer
    BIOHAZARD 1990 Biohazard
    BIOHAZARD 1992 Urban Discipline
    BIOHAZARD 1994 State Of The World Addres
    BIOHAZARD 1996 Mata Leao
    BIOHAZARD 1999 New World Disorder
    BIOHAZARD 2001 Uncivilization
    BIOHAZARD 2003 Kill Or Be Killed
    BIOHAZARD 2005 Means To An End
    BITCH INFECTION 2006 Tanga Mortale
    BLACK CRUCIFIXION 1999 The Fallen One Of Flames
    BLACK FOREST(Russia) 2000 Sadness
    BLACK FUNERAL 2000 Belial Arise
    BLACK JADE 2005 ..Of Forest And Fire..
    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 2005 Kings Of Damnation (CD 1)
    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 2005 Kings Of Damnation (CD 2)
    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 1999 Stronger Than Death
    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 1999 Sonic Brew
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    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 2003 The Blessed Hellride
    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 2004 Hangover Music Vol. VI
    BLACK LEAGUE, THE 2001 The Doomsday Sun E.P.
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    BLACK LEAGUE. THE 2000 Ichor
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    BLACK SABBATH 1970 Paranoid
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    BLACK SABBATH 1975 Sabotage
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    BLACK SABBATH 1980 Heaven And Hell
    BLACK SABBATH 1981 Mob Rulles
    BLACK SABBATH 1983 Live Evil
    BLACK SABBATH 1983 Born Again
    BLACK SABBATH 1986 Sevent Star
    BLACK SABBATH 1987 The Eternal Idol
    BLACK SABBATH 1989 Headless Cross
    BLACK SABBATH 1990 Tyr
    BLACK SABBATH 1992 Dehumanizer
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    BLACK SABBATH 1997 Reunion(CD 1)
    BLACK SABBATH 1997 Reunion(CD2)
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    BLACK SABBATH 2006 2005-07-05 Live At Helsinki, Finland (CD2)
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    BLACK SABBATH 2004 2004-07-24 Live At Mountain View, California
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    BLACK WIDOW 1971 Sacrifice
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    BLACKDEATH(Russia) 2002 Fucking Fullmoon Foundation
    BLACKDEATH(Russia) 2003 Bottomless Armageddon
    BLACKMORE'S NIGHT 1997 Shadow Of The Moon
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    BLACKMORE'S NIGHT 2001 Fires At Midnight
    BLACKMORE'S NIGHT 2003 Ghost Of A Rose
    BLACKMORE'S NIGHT 2005 Follow The Shadows
    BLACKMORE'S NIGHT 2006 Village Lanterne
    BLASPHEMY 1993 Gods Of War
    BLASPHEMY 1989 Blood upon the altar
    BLASPHEMY 1990 Fallen Angel of Doom
    BLAST (Ukr) 1998 Летаргизм
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    BLAZE 2004 Blood & Belief
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    BLEED THE SKY 2005 Paradigm In Entropy
    BLEEDING (Lida, Belarus) 2001 Donors
    BLEEDING (UA) 1998 Dysmorphomania
    BLESSED IN SIN 2000 Melancholia
    BLIND DOG 2000 The Last Adventures of Captain Dog
    BLIND FAITH 1969 CD 1
    BLIND FAITH 1969 CD 2
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    BLIND GUARDIAN 1992 Somewhere Far Beyond
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    BLIND GUARDIAN 2002 A Night At The Opera
    BLIND GUARDIAN 2006 A Twist In The Myth
    BLIND STARE 2005 Symphony Of Delusions
    BLINK 182 1997 Dude Ranch
    BLINK 182 2000 The Mark,Tom,and Travis Show(The Enema Strikes Back!)
    BLINK 182 2001 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket
    BLINK 182 2002 Cheshire Cat
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    BLODSRIT 2000 Storm Of Immolation(split RITUAL ORCHESTRA)
    BLODWIN PIG 1970 Getting To This
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    BLOOD 1994 Impulse To Destroy
    BLOOD 2003 Dysangelium
    BLOOD DIVINE. THE 1996 Awaken
    BLOOD DIVINE. THE 1997 Mystica
    BLOOD FREAK 2003 Sleaze Merchants
    BLOOD STAINED DUSK 1999 Thy Legions Reign Over Christendom
    BLOOD VOMIT 2002 Up From The Grave
    BLOODBATH 2000 Breeding Death
    BLOODBATH 2002 Resurrection Through Carnage
    BLOODCHURN 2005 Ravenous Consumption
    BLOODHOUND GANG 1996 One Fierce Beer Coaster
    BLOODHOUND GANG 1999 Hooray For Boobies
    BLOODRAIN (Russia) 2004 Bloodrain II:Ultimatum
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    BLOODTHORN 1999 Onwards Into Battle
    BLUE MURDER 1989 Geffen
    BLUE SEASON, THE 2001 Secede
    BLUT 2005 United In Battle (Split SONNENKREUZ)
    BODIES LAY BROKEN 2003 Eximinous Execration Of Exiguous Exequies
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    BONEY NEM(RUSSIA) 2003 Romantic Collection
    BONEY NEM(RUSSIA) 2005 Исподнее
    BORKNAGAR 1997 The Olden Domain
    BORKNAGAR 1997 Borknagar
    BORKNAGAR 1998 The Archaic Course
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    BORKNAGAR 2001 Empiricism
    BORKNAGAR 2004 Epic
    BORKNAGAR 2006 Origin
    BORN FROM PAIN 2005 In Love With The End
    BORN HEADLESS 2004 Headless Henchmen
    BOUND AND GAGGED 2002 Fornicate The Gutted
    BOWEL STEW 2003 Necrocannibal Rites
    BOYHITSCAR 2002 Boyhitscar
    BRAINCHOKE 2004 Microchipped And Mindcontrolled
    BRANIKALD (Russia) 2005 Хмель Мизантропии
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    BREATH OF LIFE,THE 1998 Sweet Party
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    BRODEQUIN 2001 Festival Of Death
    BRODEQUIN 2004 Methods Of Execution
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    BROKEN HOPE 1995 Swamped In Gore
    BROKEN HOPE 1995 Repulsive Conception
    BROKEN HOPE 1997 Loathing
    BROKEN HOPE 2000 Grotesque Blessings
    BRONX CASKET CO. THE 2001 Sweet Home Transylvania
    BRUCE DICKINSON 1990 Tattooed Millionaire
    BRUCE DICKINSON 1994 Skunkworks
    BRUCE DICKINSON 1997 Accient Of Birt
    BRUCE DICKINSON 1998 Chemical Wedding
    BRUCE DICKINSON 1999 Scream For Brazil
    BRUCE DICKINSON 2005 Tyranny Of Souls
    BRUCE DICKINSON & SAMSON 1981 Shock Tactics
    BRUJERIA 1993 Matando Gueros
    BRUJERIA 1995 Raza Odiada
    BRUJERIA 2000 Brujerizmo
    BRUTAL TRUTH 1992 Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
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    BRUTAL TRUTH 1997 Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom
    BRUTALITY 1996 In Mourning
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    BRUTUS 2003 Slachtbeest
    BUCKSHOT O.D 1995 Outta Coarse
    BUDGIE 1972 Squawk
    BUDGIE 1973 Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
    BULLDOZER 1985 The Day Of Wrath
    BURDEN OF GRIEF 2001 On Darker Trails
    BURIAL 2000 Enlightened With Pain
    BURNING INSIDE 2001 Apparition
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    BURNT BY THE SUN 2003 The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good
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    BURZUM 1993 Aske
    BURZUM 1993 Huis Lyset Tar Oss
    BURZUM 1993 Burzum
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    BURZUM 1991 Ragnarok (A New Beginning)
    BURZUM 1996 Filosofem
    BURZUM 1997 Daudi Baldrs
    BURZUM 1999 Hlidskjalf
    BUSH 1996 Razorblade Suitcase
    BUSH 1999 The Science Of Things
    BUSH 2001 Golden State
    BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Russia) 1999 Велес
    BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Russia) 2001 Колесо Чернобога
    BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Russia) 2002 Сны Северного Моря
    BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Russia) 2003 Тропою Крови По Воле Рода
    BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Russia) 2005 Время Мары
    BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Russia) 2006 За Солнцем Вслед
    C.A.R.N.E. 2003 Sexy Fat(Split OXIDISED RAZOR)
    C.H.C 2004 6:35 pm:After The Bomb…Split w/GRIPPLE BASTA,TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION
    C.V.I 2001 Forensic Necrovulvectomy
    CACOFONIA 2004 Oh No,Please Not Again!!!
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    CACTUS 1971 Restrictions
    CACTUS 2006 Cactus
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    CADACROSS 2003 Corona Borealis
    CADAVER INC. 2001 Discipline
    CADAVERIA 2002 The Shadows' Madame
    CADAVERIA 2003 Far Away From Conformity
    CAEDERE 2005 Mass Emission
    CALIBAN 2004 The Opposite From Within
    CALIBAN 2006 The Undying Darkness
    CALLENISH CIRCLE 1999 Graceful… Yet Forbidding
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    CANIS LUPUS 2002 Tales Of Woghur
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 1990 Eaten Back To Life
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    CANNIBAL CORPSE 1994 The Bleeding
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 1998 Gallery Of Suicide
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 1999 Bloodthirst
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 2000 Live Cannibalism
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 2002 Gore Obsessed
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 2003 Worm Infested
    CANNIBAL CORPSE 2004 The Wretched Spawn
    CAPITOLLIUM (Ukraine) 2004 Seraphim's Lair
    CAPRICORNUS 2004 Alone Against All
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    CARAVAN 1968 Caravan
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    CARBONIZED 1996 Screaming Machines
    CARCARIASS 2003 Killing Process
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    CARCASS 1993 Heartwork
    CARCASS 1996 Swansong
    CARCASS 1996 Wake Up And Smell The...
    CARNAGE 1990 Dark Recollections
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    CARNAL DIAFRAGMA 2001 Preparation Of The Patients For Examination
    CARNAL DIAFRAGMA 2006 Space Symphony Around Us
    CARNIVAL IN COAL 2001 What If Mr. Bungle
    CARNIVORE 1987 Retaliation
    CARNIVORE 1985 Carnivore
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 1995 Through Chasm.Caves And Titan Woods
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 1998 Black Shining Leather
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 2000 Strange Old Brew
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 2001 Morbid Fascination Of Death
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 2002 We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 2003 Defending The Throne Of Evil
    CARPATHIAN FOREST 2004 Skjend Hans Lik
    CARPATUS 2004 Out Of The Desoation Planet
    CARPE TENEBRUM 1997 Majestic Nothingness
    CARPE TENEBRUM 1999 Mirrored Hate Painting
    CARPE TENEBRUM 2002 Dreaded Chaotic Reign
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    CASTRUM 2000 In The Horizons Of The Dying Theatre
    CASTRUM (Ukraine) 2000 Hatenou Risher
    CATAMENIA 1998 Halls Of Frozen North
    CATAMENIA 1999 Morning Crimson
    CATAMENIA 2000 Eternal Winter'S Prophecy
    CATAMENIA 2002 Eskhata
    CATAMENIA 2003 Chaosborn
    CATAMENIA 2005 Winternight Tragedies
    CATAMENIA 2007 Location:COLD
    CATAMENIA 2006 Live
    CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION 2000 The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders
    CATASTROPHIC 2001 The Cleansing
    CATHARSIS( РОССИЯ ) 2003 Имаго (Русская Версия)
    CATHARSIS( РОССИЯ ) 2004 Dea & Febris Erotica
    CATHARSIS( РОССИЯ ) 2004 Призрачный Свет
    CATHARSIS( РОССИЯ ) 2005 Крылья
    CATHEDRAL 1993 The Ethereal Mirror
    CATHEDRAL 1995 Carnival Bizarre
    CATHEDRAL 1998 Static Majik / Soul Sacrifice (Reissue)
    CATHEDRAL 2004 The Serpents Gold (1CD)
    CATHEDRAL 2004 The Serpents Gold (2CD)
    CATHEDRAL 1991 Forest Of Equilibrium
    CATHEDRAL 2001 Endtyme
    CELESTIAL SEASON 1993 Forever Scarlet Passion
    CELESTIAL SEASON 1995 Sonic Orb
    CELESTIAL SEASON 1995 Solar Lovers
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    CELTIC FROST 2006 Monotheist
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    CENTINEX 2000 Hellbrigade
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    CENTINEX 2005 World Declension
    CENTURIAN 1998 Of Purest Fire
    CENTURIAN 2001 Liber Zar Zax
    CENTURY 1999 The Secret Inside
    CEPHALIC CARNAGE 1999 Conforming To Abnormality
    CEPHALIC CARNAGE 2000 Exploiting Dysfunction
    CEPHALIC CARNAGE 2002 Lucid Interval
    CEPHALIC CARNAGE 2002 Halls Of Amenti
    CEPHALIC CARNAGE 2005 Anomalies
    CERBERUS 2003 Chapters Of Blackness
    CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE 2002 Exempting Reality
    CEREBRAL TURBULENCY 1999 Forces Closing Down
    CEREMONIAL EMBRACE 2001 Oblivion
    CEREMONIAL OATH 1995 Carpet
    CERRONE 1978 Supernature / Golden Touch
    CESSATE 2005 Shattered Hopes
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    CHANGES (Rus) S/t
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    CHICK COREA 1975 No Mystery
    CHICK COREA 1978 Mad Hatter
    CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD 1997 Towards A Grief
    CHILDREN OF BODOM 1997 Something Wild
    CHILDREN OF BODOM 1999 Hatebreeder
    CHILDREN OF BODOM 2000 Follow The Reaper
    CHILDREN OF BODOM 2003 Hate Crew Deathroll
    CHILDREN OF BODOM 2005 Are You Dead Yet?
    CHILDREN OF BODOM 2006 Trashed,Lost & Strungout
    CHIMAIRA 2003 The Impossibility Of Reason
    CHIMAIRA 2005 Chimaira
    CHOPCORE 2004 Bloody Little Mess
    CHRIST AGONY 2001 Elysium
    CHRISTIAN EPIDEMIC 2002 Eltorolt Vilag (Disc 1)
    CHRISTIAN EPIDEMIC 2002 World Erased (Disc 2)
    CIANIDE 2003 Divide and Conquer
    CINERARY 2002 Rituals Of Desecration
    CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN 1999 Starving The Vultures
    CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN 2002 Human Harvest
    CLAUDIO 2002 Dada
    CLAUDIO 2002 Extretorium (Demo)
    CLAWFINGER 1993 Deaf Dumb Blind
    CLAWFINGER 1995 Use Your Brain
    CLAWFINGER 1997 Clawfinger
    CLAWFINGER 2001 A Whole Lot Of Nothing
    CLAWFINGER 2003 Zeros & Heroes
    CLAWFINGER 2005 Hate Yourself With Style
    CLUTCH 2000 Jam Room
    COAL CHAMBER 1997 Caution
    COAL CHAMBER 1999 Chamber Music
    COAL CHAMBER 2002 Dark Days
    COAL CHAMBER 2003 Giving The Devil His Due
    COALESCE 1999 0:12 Revolution In Just Listening
    COCK AND BALL TORTURE 2000 Cocktales
    COCK AND BALL TORTURE 2000 Opus (Sy) Vi
    COCK AND BALL TORTURE 2001 Sadochismo
    COCK AND BALL TORTURE 2004 Egoleech
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    COD(Ukraine) 2002 Eraserhead
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    COLOSSEUM 2 1978 War Dance
    COMECON 1993 Converging Conspiracies
    CON ANIMA 1999 The Book Of Riddles
    CONQUEROR 2001 Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance(split BLACK WITCHERY)
    CONQUEST (Ukraine) 2005 Frozen Sky
    CONTEMPT 2003 When Angels Begin To Cry
    CONTRABANDA (Lviv) 2001 Zoom
    CONTRABANDA (Lviv) 2000 100% Hate
    CONTRASTIC 2000 Contrastic
    CONTROL DENIED 1999 The Fragile Art Of Existence
    COPTIC RAIN 1996 Clarions End
    COPTIC RAIN 2000 The Last World
    CORNERSTONE 2002 Human Stain
    CORNERSTONE 2003 Once Upon Our Yesterdays
    CORONA BOREALIS 2001 Corona Borealis
    CORPORAL PUNISHMENT 1997 Stonefield Of A Lifetime
    CORPORAL RAID 2003 Xenophilism
    CORPSEFUCKING ART 2005 War Of The Toilet Gear
    CORTISOL 2005 Meat
    CORVUS CORAX 1998 Viator
    CORVUS CORAX 1999 Tempi Antiquuii
    CORVUS CORAX 2000 The Atavistic Triad
    CORVUS CORAX 2003 Die Konige Der Spielleute
    COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN 2004 Deciphering The Soul
    COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS. THE 2002 Forensick Fugues And Medicolegal Medleys
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    COVENANT 2003 Northern Light
    COVENANT 2006 Skyshaper (CD 1)
    COVENANT 2006 Skyshaper (CD 2)
    CRADLE OF FILTH 1994 The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
    CRADLE OF FILTH 1995 Sodomizing The Virgin Vamps (Live+Demo)
    CRADLE OF FILTH 1996 Vempire. Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein
    CRADLE OF FILTH 1996 Dusk... And Her Embrace
    CRADLE OF FILTH 1998 Cruelty And The Beast
    CRADLE OF FILTH 1999 From The Cradle To Enslave
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2000 Midian
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2000 Raredaemonaeon
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2001 Bitter Suites To Succubi
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2002 Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Cd-1
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2002 Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Cd-2
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2003 Damnation And A Day
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2004 Nymphetamine(CD 1)
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2005 Nymphetamine(CD 2)
    CRADLE OF FILTH 2006 Thornography
    CRANBERRIES,THE 1999 Bury The Hatchet
    CRAZY TOWN 1999 The Gift Of Game
    CRAZY TOWN 2002 Darkhorse
    CREATURE 2004 Der Ursprung
    CREATURE 2006 Kreuzlaub
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    CREMATORIUM 2005 The Process Of Endtime
    CREMATORY 1993 Transmigration
    CREMATORY 1994 ...Just Dreaming!
    CREMATORY 1995 Illusions
    CREMATORY 1996 Crematory
    CREMATORY 1997 Awake
    CREMATORY 1999 Fly
    CREMATORY 1999 Act Seven
    CREMATORY 1999 Early Years
    CREMATORY 2000 Believe
    CREMATORY 2001 Remind
    CREMATORY 2004 Revolution
    CREMATORY 2006 Klagebilder
    CREST OF DARKNESS 1996 Quench My Thirst
    CREST OF DARKNESS 1999 The Ogress
    CREST OF DARKNESS 2000 Project Regeneration
    CREST OF DARKNESS 2004 Evil Knows Evil
    CRIMSON GLORY 1999 Astronomica
    CRIONICS 2003 Human Error: Ways To Selfdestruction
    CRIONICS 2005 Armageddon's Evolution
    CRO-MAGS 1992 Alpha-Omega
    CROSSFADE 2006 Falling Away
    CROWD CONTROL 2005 s/t
    CROWN OF THORNS 1995 The Burning
    CROWN OF THORNS 1997 Eternal Death
    CROWN. THE 1998 Hell Is Here
    CROWN. THE 2000 Deathrace King
    CROWN. THE 2002 Crowned In Terror
    CROWN. THE 2003 Possessed 13
    CRUACHAN 1996 Tuatha Na Gael
    CRUACHAN 2000 The Middle Kingdom
    CRUACHAN 2001 Folk-Lore
    CRUACHAN 2004 Pagan
    CRUMBSUCKERS 1998 Life of dreams
    CRYHAVOC 1999 Pitch-Black Blues
    CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER 1988 Stream of consciousness
    CRYPTIC WINTERMOON 2003 A Cosming Storm
    CRYPTIC WINTERMOON 2005 Of Shadows……And The Dark Things You Fear
    CRYPTOPSY 1995 Blasphemy Made Flesh
    CRYPTOPSY 1996 None So Vile
    CRYPTOPSY 1998 Whisper Supremacy
    CRYPTOPSY 2000 And Then You'Ll Beg
    CRYPTOPSY 2003 None So Live
    CRYPTOPSY 2005 Once Was Not
    CULT 0F DAATH 2002 The Grand Torturers Of Hell
    CULT OF LUNA 2002 The Beyond
    CULT OF LUNA 2003 Cult Of Luna
    CULTUS SANGUINE 1999 The Sum Of All Fears
    CUMCHRIST 2002 Cumplete
    CUMDEO (Russia) 2000 The Threads Of Imagiation
    CURE,THE 2004 The Cure
    CURSE 2002 Cursed Be Thy Name
    CURSE 2003 Dead Sun Rise
    CYANOSIS 1999 Methods
    CYNIC 1993 Focus
    CYNICON 2003 Cybernetic
    DAEMONARCH 1998 Hermeticum
    DAEMONHEIM 2005 Schlachtfeld
    DAEMONIUM 1994 Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit
    DAEMONLORD 2004 Of War And Hate
    DAHMER 2003 The Studio Sessions - Discography
    DAKRUA 2000 Inner Wastelands
    DAMAGEPLAN(ex.PANTERA) 2004 New Found Power
    DANSE MACABRE 2001 Eva
    DANTALION 2006 When the Ravens Fly Over Me
    DANZIG 1992 How The Gods Kill
    DANZIG 1999 Satans Child
    DANZIG 2002 I Luciferi
    DANZIG 2004 Circle Of Snakers
    DARGAARD 2000 In Nomine Aeternitatis
    DARK 1996 Endless Dreams Of Sadness
    DARK 1997 Seduction
    DARK 1999 Revolution
    DARK AT DAWN 2001 Crimson Frost
    DARK FUNERAL 1994 Dark Funeral
    DARK FUNERAL 1996 The Secrets Of The Black Arts
    DARK FUNERAL 1998 Vobiscum Satanas
    DARK FUNERAL 1999 Teach Children To Worship Satan
    DARK FUNERAL 2001 Diabolis Interium
    DARK FUNERAL 2006 Attera Totus Sanctus
    DARK FUNERAL / INFERNAL 2000 Under Wings Of Hell
    DARK INVERSION 2004 The Land Of The Dead Warriors
    DARK LUNACY 2000 Devoid
    DARK REALITY 1995 Blossom Of Mourning
    DARK REALITY 1996 Oh Precious Haze Pervade The Pain
    DARK SANCTUARY 2003 L'etre Las - L'envers Du Miroir
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1993 Skydancer
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1995 Of Chaos And Eternal Night
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1996 Enter Suicidal Angels
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1996 The Gallery
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1996 Skydancer / Of Chaos And Eternal Night
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1997 The Mind’s I
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1997 Enter Suicidal Angels
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 1999 Projector
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 2002 Damage Done
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 2004 Exposures-In Retrospect And Denial CD1
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 2004 Exposures-In Retrospect And Denial CD2
    DARK TRANQUILLITY 2005 Character
    DARKANE 1998 Rusted Angel
    DARKANE 2002 Expanding Senses
    DARKMOON 2005 Of Bitterness And Hate
    DARKNESS 2005 One Way Ticket To Hell... And Bach
    DARKSEED 1996 Midnight Solemnly Dance
    DARKSEED 2000 Diving Into Darkness
    DARKSEED 2005 Ultimate Darkness (part I)
    DARKSEED 2005 Ultimate Darkness (part II)
    DARKSTAR 1999 Heart Of Darkness
    DARKTHRONE 1987 Thulcandra
    DARKTHRONE 1990 Soulside Journey
    DARKTHRONE 1991 A Blaze In The Northern Sky
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    EXPLOITED.THE 1990 The Massacre
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    EXPLOITED.THE 2003 Fuck The System
    EXTINCTION 2005 The Black Sex
    EXTOL 2003 Synergy
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    FILTHY FLESH 1998 Victim of suppuration
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    FLESHTIZED 2001 Here Among Thorn

  7. #67
    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

    продолжение следует....

  8. #68
    Аватар для Mr.Lazy

    По умолчанию

    это любимые или самые любимые?

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    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

    это то что мне нравиться......

  10. #70
    Аватар для Freja

    По умолчанию

    brutal, а что это за группа?:
    CHANGES (Rus) S/t

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    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от Freja
    brutal, а что это за группа?:
    CHANGES (Rus) S/t

    играют злобный реп (правда альбомчик маленький 17.44 мин.)

  12. #72
    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

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    INFESTDEAD 1997 Hellfuck
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    INHUME 2000 Decomposing From Inside
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    INKUBUS SUKKUBUS 2001 Supernature
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    INNER FEAR 2003 Thanalogy (Temptation Of Inner Beast…)
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    INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY 2002 Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering
    INSISION 2002 Beneath The Folds Of Flesh
    INSISION 2004 Revealed And Worshipped
    INTERITUS DEI 2002 Unholy
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    INTERNAL SUFFERING 2002 Chaotic Matrix
    INTERNECINE 2002 The Book Of Lambs
    INTO ETERNITY 2000 Into Eternity
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    JUDAS PRIEST 2006 The Essential (CD 2)
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    LUCIFUGUM (Ukraine) 2004 Клеймо Эгоизма
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    MAYHEM 2004 Chimera
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    MENTAL DEMISE 2003 Promo
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    MERCYFUL FATE 1994 Time
    MERCYFUL FATE 1999 9
    MESHUGGAH 1996 Destroy Erase Improve
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    MISERY INDEX 2002 OverThrow
    MISERY INDEX 2003 Retaliate
    MISFITS Compilation
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    MISTWEAVER 2003 The Aftermath
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    MITHOTYN 1998 King Of The Distant Forest
    MITHOTYN 1999 Gathered Around The Oaken Table
    MNEMIC 2003 Mechanical Spin Phenomena
    MOLESTED SENSES 2003 No Friends Here
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    MOONSPELL 2001 Darkness And Hope
    MOONSPELL 2003 The Antidote
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    MORCHEEBA 1998 Big Calm
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    MORNING CARES 2002 Imbalance
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    MORTAL DECAY 2002 Forensic
    MORTAL DECAY 2005 Cadaver Art
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    MOTLEY CRUE 2005 Red,White & Crue (CD 2)
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    MOTORHEAD 2004 Inferno
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    MOURNING BELOVETH 2005 A Murderous Circus
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    MUCOPUS 2005 Mulch ?!?
    MUCUPURULENT 2003 Soul Reaver
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    MUDVAYNE 2000 Ld.50
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    MY DYING BRIDE 1994 I Am The Bloody Earth
    MY DYING BRIDE 1995 The Angel And The Dark River
    MY DYING BRIDE 1996 Live At The Dynamo ’95
    MY DYING BRIDE 1996 Like Gods Of The Sun
    MY DYING BRIDE 1996 Trinity
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    MYSTIC CIRCLE 2001 The Great Beast
    MYSTIC CIRCLE 2002 Damien
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    MYSTIC CIRCLE 2004 Unholy Chronicles
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    MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS 1996 Sphere Of Nebaddon. The Dawn Of A Dying Tyffereth
    NAAMAH 2003 Ultima
    NAER MATARON 1998 Up From The Ashes
    NAER MATARON 2001 Skotos Aenaon
    NAER MATARON 2003 River At Dash Scalding
    NAER MATARON 2005 Discipline Manifesto
    NAERVAER 2001 Skiftninger
    NAGELFAR 1997 Hunengrab Im Herbst
    NAGELFAR 1999 Srontgorrth
    NAGELFAR 2001 Virus West
    NAGLFAR 1995 Vittra
    NAGLFAR 1998 Diabolical
    NAGLFAR 2005 Pariah
    NAGLFAR 2007 Harvest
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    NAILBOMB 1995 Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide
    NAKED CITY 1990 Torture Garden
    NAMTAR(Ukraine) 2004 Распятый Эгоизм
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    NAPALM DEATH 1990 Live Corruption
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    NAPALM DEATH 1994 Fear. Emptiness. Despair
    NAPALM DEATH 1995 Greed Killing
    NAPALM DEATH 1996 Diatribes
    NAPALM DEATH 1997 Inside The Torn Apart
    NAPALM DEATH 1998 Words From The Exit Wound
    NAPALM DEATH 1998 Bootlegged In Japan
    NAPALM DEATH 1999 Leaders Not Followers
    NAPALM DEATH 2000 Enemy Of The Music Business
    NAPALM DEATH 2003 Noise For Music's Sake (CD-1: Compilation, incl. greatest & rarities)
    NAPALM DEATH 2003 Noise For Music's Sake (CD-2: Compilation, incl. greatest & rarities)
    NAPALM DEATH 2003 Order Of The Leech
    NAPALM DEATH 2005 The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code
    NAPALM DEATH 2006 5 Mear Campaign
    NARGAROTH 1999 Herbstleyd
    NARGAROTH 2001 Amarok
    NARGAROTH 2001 Black Metal ist Krieg / A Dedication Monument
    NARGAROTH 2002 Rasluka Part II
    NARGAROTH 2004 Rasluka Part I
    NARGAROTH 2004 Gelebte des Regens
    NARGAROTH 2004 Prosatanica Shooting Angels
    NARNIA 2006 Enter The Gate
    NASTROND 1997 Age Of Fire
    NASUM 2000 Human 2 . 0
    NASUM 2003 Helvete
    NASUM 2004 Sbift
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    NATTEFROST 2004 Blood & Vomit
    NATTEFROST 2005 Terrorist
    NATTVIND 2002 Subuniverses
    NATTVINDENS GRAT 1997 Chaos Without Theory
    NATURAL SPIRIT (Ukraine) 2005 Русколунь
    NAUMACHIA 2004 Wrathorn
    NAZARETH 1983 Sound Elixir
    NAZARETH 1989 Snakes'N'Loaders + Bonus
    NAZARETH 1987 Into The Ring
    NAZARETH 1975 Hair Of The Dog + bonus
    NAZARETH 1984 The Catch
    NAZARETH 1977 Expect No Mercy
    NAZARETH 1974 Rampant
    NAZARETH 1974 Play'n' The Game
    NAZARETH 1978 No Mean City
    NAZARETH 1986 Cinema
    NAZARETH 1975-1986 Single Hits Vol 3
    NAZARETH (DAN McCAFFERTY) 1987 Into The Ring + Bonus
    NAZGUL 2004 Awaiting The Battle Ravens+Return Of Pagan Belief (Demo)
    NEBULAR MOON 2001 Metamorphosis
    NECRO STELLAR (Russia) 2006 Pulsing Zero
    NECRODEATH 2000 Mater Of All Evil
    NECROFEAST 2000 Soulwinds
    NECROMANTIA 1993 Crossing The Fiery Path
    NECROMANTIA 1995 Scarlet Evil, Witching Black
    NECROMASS 1997 Abyss Calls Life
    NECRONOMICON 2003 The Sacred Medicines
    NECROPHAGIA 1999 Holocausto De La Morte
    NECROPHAGIA 2003 The Divine Art Of Torture
    NECROPHAGIST 1999 Onset Of Putrefaction
    NECROPHAGIST 2004 Epitaph
    NECROSANCT 1993 Desolate
    NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT 2004 Suffocated In Shrinkwrap
    NEEDFUL THINGS 2006 Dead Point
    NEGATIVE REACTION 2004 Endofyorerror
    NEGLECTED FIELDS 2003 Synthinity
    NEGURA BUNGET 1999 Zirnindu-Sa
    NEGURA BUNGET 2000 Maiastru Sfetnic
    NEGURA BUNGET 2003 ‘n crugu bradului
    NEOPHYTE (Ukraine) 2004 Apocalypse Here And Now
    NEPHASTH 2001 Immortal Unholy Triumph
    NEPHASTH 2004 Conceived By Inhuman Blood
    NERTHUS 2000 Escape From Suction
    NERTHUS 2001 Scattered To The Four Wainds
    NERTHUS 2004 Black Medieval Art
    NEURAXIS 2003 Truth Beyond …
    NEUROSIS 2001 A Sun That Never Sets
    NEUROSIS 2004 The Eye Of Every Storm
    NEUROSIS 1999 Times Of Grace
    NICKELBACK 1996 Curb
    NICKELBACK 2001 Silver Side Up
    NICKELBACK 2003 The Long Road
    NICKELBACK 2005 All The Right Reasons
    NIDINGR 2005 Sorrow Infinite And Darkness
    NIEMEN 1994 Aerolit
    NIEMEN 1996 Enigmatic
    NIEMEN 1997 Katharsis
    NIGHT IN GALES 1997 Towards The Twilight
    NIGHTFALL 1997 Lesbian Show
    NIGHTFALL 1999 Electronegative
    NIGHTINGALE 1995 The Breathing Shadow
    NIGHTINGALE 1996 The Closing Chronicles
    NIGHTINGALE 2003 Alive Again:The Breathing Shadow Part Iv
    NIGHTRAGE 2003 Sweet Vengeance
    NIGHTSHADE 2001 Wielding The Scythe
    NIGHTWISH 1997 Angels Fall First
    NIGHTWISH 1999 Oceanborn
    NIGHTWISH 1999 Sleeping Sun
    NIGHTWISH 2000 Wishmaster
    NIGHTWISH 2001 Over The Hills And Far Away
    NIGHTWISH 2002 Century Child
    NIGHTWISH 2002 Bless The Child
    NIGHTWISH 2004 Nemo
    NIGHTWISH 2004 Once
    NIGHTWISH 2005 Wishsides (The Unreleased-CD 1)
    NIGHTWISH 2005 Wishsides (The Unreleased-CD 2)
    NIGHTWISH 2006 End Of An Era-CD1
    NIGHTWISH 2006 End Of An Era-CD2
    NILE 1998 Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka
    NILE 2000 In The Beginning
    NILE 2000 Black Seeds Of Vengeance
    NILE 2002 In Their Darkened Shrines
    NILE 2005 Annihilation Of The Wicked
    NILE 1996 Ramses Bringer Of War
    NINE INCH NAILS 1989 Pretty Hate Machine
    NINE INCH NAILS 1992 Broken / Sin Long. Dub & Short / Down In It
    NINE INCH NAILS 1994 The Downward Spiral
    NINE INCH NAILS 1995 Further Down The Spirit
    NINE INCH NAILS 1999 Nothing (CD 1)
    NINE INCH NAILS 1999 Nothing (CD 2)
    NINE INCH NAILS 2003 Rusty Nails 1(The Remixes)
    NINE INCH NAILS 2005 With Teeth
    NINE INCH NAILS 2006 Every Day Is Exactly The Same
    NINNGHIZHIDDA 1998 Blasphemy
    NINNGHIZHIDDA 2002 Demigod
    NIRNAETH ARNOEDIAD 2005 Nirnaeth Arnoediad
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    NIRVANA 1991 Nevermind
    NIRVANA 1992 Intesticide
    NIRVANA 1993 In Utero
    NIRVANA 1994 Unplugged In New York
    NIRVANA 1996 From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah
    NIRVANA 2000 The Unreleased
    NIRVANA 2004 With The Lights Out (CD 1) The Unreleased
    NIRVANA 2004 With The Lights Out (CD 2) The Unreleased
    NIRVANA 2004 With The Lights Out (CD 3) The Unreleased
    NITBERG(Russia) 2003 Hammer Harte(split ВОЛКОТЕНЬ)
    NITBERG(Russia) 2005 Nitsanger
    NOCTERNITY 2003 Onyx
    NOCTERNITY 2004 En Oria / Crucify Him
    NOCTURNAL RITES 2000 Afterlife
    NOCTURNAL WINDS 2002 Of Art And Suffering
    NOCTURNUS 1990 The Key
    NOCTURNUS 1992 Thresholds
    NOFX 2003 The War On Errorism
    NOFX 2006 Never Trust A Hippy
    NOFX 2006 Wolves In Wolves'Clothing
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 1995 Twilightfall
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 1996 Lunar Poetry
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 1998 Goat Horns
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 1999 To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 2000 Нехристь
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 2001 The Return Of The Horned King / Marble Moon
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 2003 The Taste Of Victory
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 2004 Мировоззрение
    NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) 2004 Weltansclavung
    NOMANS LAND (Russia) 2006 Raven Flight
    NOMICON 2001 Halla
    NON SERVIAM 1997 Between Light And Darkness
    NON SERVIAM 2000 The Witches Sabbath
    NONPOINT 2000 Nonpoint
    NORDGLANDZ 2005 Heldenreich
    NORDUYKK 2005 Nordland
    NORMA JEAN 2005 O God,The Aftermath
    NORTHAUNT 2005 Barren Land
    NORTHER 2002 Dreams Of Endless War
    NORTHER 2003 Mirror Of Madness
    NORTHER 2005 Solution 7
    NORTHER 2006 Till Death Unites Us
    NORTHSTREAM 2004 Time Of Triumphal Cleanliness
    NORTT 2004 Graven
    NORTT 2004 Hedengang (split XASTHUR)
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    NOTRE DAME 2002 Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You. The 2Nd
    NOTRE DAME 2004 Demi Monde Bizarros
    NOVEMBER 17 1998 Trust No One
    NOVEMBERS DOOM 1995 Amid Its Hallowed Mirth
    NOVEMBERS DOOM 1999 Of Sculptured Ivy And Stone Flowers
    NOVEMBERS DOOM 2000 The Knowing
    NOVEMBERS DOOM 2002 To Welcome The Fade
    NOVEMBRE 2000 Classica
    NOVEMBRE 2001 Novembrine Waltz
    NOVEMBRE 2002 Dreams D' Azur
    NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1986-87 Game Over/The Plague
    NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1988 Survive
    NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1991 Out Of Order
    NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1993 Something Wicked
    NUCLEAR ASSAULT 2005 Third World Genocide
    OBITUARY 1989 Slowly We Rot
    OBITUARY 1990 Cause Of Death
    OBITUARY 1992 The End Complete
    OBITUARY 1994 World Demise
    OBITUARY 1997 Back From The Dead
    OBITUARY 2005 Frozen In Time
    OBITUARY 2006 Live
    OBSCENITY 1998 Human Barbecue
    OBSCENITY 2002 Cold Blooded Murder
    OBSCENITY 2006 Where Sinners Bleed
    OBSCUR 2006 Seelentrost
    OBSCURE VORTEX 2005 Mas Einst Mar…
    OBSIDIAN GATE 1999 The Nightspectral Voyage
    OBSIDIAN GATE 2001 Colossal Christhunt
    OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT 1995 Centuries Of Sorrow
    OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT 1997 Witchcraft
    OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT 1998 Soulblight
    OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT 2000 The Shepherd And The Hounds Of Hell
    OBTEST 1997 Tukstantmetis
    OBTEST 2001 Auka Seniems Dievams
    OBTEST 2005 Is Kartos I Karta
    OCCULT 1994 Prepare To Meet Thy Doom
    OCTINOMOS 2000 Welcome To My Planet
    OCTINOMOS 2001 Fuckhole Armageddon
    OCTOBER FALLS 2005 Marras
    OCTOBER TIDE 1997 Rain Without End
    OCTOBER TIDE 1999 Grey Dawn
    ODAL 2002 Sturmes Brut
    ODES OF ECSTASY 1998 Embossed Dream In Four Acts
    ODES OF ECSTASY 2000 Deceitful Melody
    ODHINN 2000 The North Brigade
    OFFICIUM TRISTE 2004 Reason
    OFFSPRING.THE 1992 Ignition
    OFFSPRING.THE 1994 Smash
    OFFSPRING.THE 1997 Ixnay On The Hombre
    OFFSPRING.THE 1998 Americana
    OFFSPRING.THE 2000 Conspiracy Of One
    OFFSPRING.THE 2000 Americana 2000
    OFFSPRING.THE 2003 Splinter
    OGMIAS 2001 Keltsky Hnev
    OLD LEGACY 2005 Kriegsbruder(Split ARYAN TRIUMPH)
    OLD MAN’S CHILD 1996 Born Of The Flickering
    OLD MAN’S CHILD 1997 The Pagan Prosperity
    OLD MAN’S CHILD 1998 Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion
    OLD MAN’S CHILD 2000 Revelation 666: The Curse Of Damnation
    OLD MAN'S CHILD 2003 In Defiance Of Existence
    OLD MAN'S CHILD 2005 Vermin
    OLD MAN'S CHILD/DIMMU BORGIR 2000 In The Shadows Of Life(Split)
    OLEMUS 1997 Bitter Tears
    OLEMUS 2001 Passion Fall
    OLEMUS 2002 Egod
    OMNIUM GATHERUM 2004 Spirits And August Light/Steal The Light
    OMNIUM GATHERUM 2005 Years In Waste
    ON THORNS I LAY 1995 The Sounds Of Beautiful Experience
    ON THORNS I LAY 1997 Orama
    ON THORNS I LAY 1999 Crystal Tears
    ON THORNS I LAY 2000 Future Narcotic
    ON THORNS I LAY 2001 Angeldust
    ONANIZER 2005 Too Good To Be True
    ONANY BOYS 2002 Re-Animation Of Titillating Boody Hullaballoo
    ONE MINUTE SILENCE 2000 Buy Now… Saved Later
    ONE,THE 2004 Guardians Inhuman
    ONKEL TOM (ANGELRIPPER) 2000 Ich Glaub' Nicht An Den Weihnachsmann
    OOMPH! 1994 Sperm
    OOMPH! 1995 Defect
    OOMPH! 1996 Wunsch Kind
    OOMPH! 1998 Unrein
    OOMPH! 1999 Plastik
    OOMPH! 2001 Ego
    OOMPH! 2004 Augen Auf!
    OOMPH! 2004 Wahrheit oder Pflicht
    OOMPH! 2006 GlaubeLiebeTod
    OOMPH! 2007 Delikatessen (CD 1)
    OOMPH! 2007 Delikatessen (CD 2)
    OPERA IX 1994 The Call Of The Wood
    OPERA IX 1998 Sacro Culto
    OPERA IX 2000 The Black Opera: Symphoniae Mysteriorum In Laudem Tenebrarum
    OPERA IX 2002 Maleventum
    OPERA IX 2004 Anphisbena
    OPETH 1999 Still Life
    OPETH 1998 My Arms. Your Hearse
    OPETH 1994 Orchid
    OPETH 1996 Morningrise
    OPETH 2001 Blackwater Park
    OPETH 2002 Deliverance
    OPETH 2003 Damnation
    OPETH 2005 Ghost Reveries
    OPHELIA'S DREAM 2002 All Beauty Is Sad
    OPPRESSOR 1996 Agony
    OPPROBRIUM 2000 Discerning Forces
    OPRESSOR 1998 Elements Of Corrosion
    OPUS DRACONIS 2006 Satanic Truth About False Union
    ORCHESTRAL PIT'S CANNIBALS 2001 Devisceration
    ORCHESTRAL PIT'S CANNIBALS 1999 Exalted oestum
    ORDER OF THE EBON HAND 1997 The Mystic Path To The Netherworld
    ORDER OF THE EBON HAND 2005 XV:The Devil
    ORDO DRACONIS 2001 The Wing & The Burden
    ORIGIN 2000 Origin
    ORIGIN 2005 Echoes Of Decimation
    ORPHANAGE 1995 Oblivion
    ORPHANAGE 2000 Inside
    ORPHANAGE 2004 Driven
    ORPHANED LAND 1993 The Beloved's Cry
    ORPHANED LAND 1995 Sahara
    ORPLID 2002 Nachtliche Junger
    ORTH 2000 Feed The Flames
    OTEP 2002 Sevas Tra
    OTYG 1998 Alvefard
    OTYG 1999 Sagovindars Boning
    OVER KILL 1983 Power In Black
    OVER KILL 1984 Overkill
    OVER KILL 1988 Under The Influence
    OVER KILL 1993 I Hear Black
    OVER KILL 1994 W.F.O.
    OVER KILL 1997 From The Underground And Below
    OVER KILL 1999 Necroshine
    OVER KILL 1999 Coverkill
    OVER KILL 2000 Bloodletting
    OVER KILL 2003 Killbox 13
    OVER KILL 2005 Relixiv
    OXIDISED RAZOR 2001 La Realidad Es Sangrienta
    OXIDISED RAZOR 2002 …Carne…Sangre…
    OXIDISED RAZOR 2003 Dias De Tortura (Split C.A.R.N.E.)
    OXIDISED RAZOR 2006 Los Vendedores De La Muerte
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1980 Blizzard Of Ozz
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1981 Diary Of A Madman
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1982 Speak Of The Devil
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1983 Bark At The Moon
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1986 The Ultimate Sin
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1987 Tribute
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1988 No Rest For The Wicked
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1991 No More Tears+ Bonus
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1993 Live & Loud
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1995 Ozzmosis
    OZZY OSBOURNE 2001 Down To Eart
    OZZY OSBOURNE 2005 Prince Of Darkness (CD 1)
    OZZY OSBOURNE 2005 Prince Of Darkness (CD 2)
    OZZY OSBOURNE 2002 Dreamer (Digipack EP)
    OZZY OSBOURNE 1997 The Ozzman Cometh
    P.O.D 1999 The Fundamental Elements Of Soul
    P.O.D 2001 Satellite
    P.O.D 2003 Payable On Death
    P.O.D 2006 Testfy
    PAGAN HELLFIRE 2006 In Desolation,In Ruins
    PAGAN REIGN (Russia) 2003 Отблески Славы И Возрождения Былого Величия
    PAGAN REIGN (Russia) 2004 Уделы Былой Веры
    PAGAN REIGN (Russia) 2005 Древние Воины
    PAGAN REIGN (Russia) 2006 Твердь
    PAIN 1996 Pain
    PAIN 2000 Rebirth
    PAIN 2002 Nothing Remains The Same
    PAIN 2005 Dancing With The Dead
    PAIN CONFESSOR 2004 Turmoil
    PAINOFSALVATION 2007 Scarsick
    PAN.THY.MONIUM 1992 Dawn Of Dreams
    PANDEMIA 1999 Spreading The Message
    PANDEMONIUM 2002 Insomnia
    PANTERA 1984 Projects In The Jungle
    PANTERA 1985 I Am The Night
    PANTERA 1990 Cowboys From Hell
    PANTERA 1992 Vulgar Display Of Power
    PANTERA 1994 Far Beyond Driven
    PANTERA 1996 The Great Southern Trendkill
    PANTERA 2000 Reinventing The Steel
    PANTHEIST 2003 O Solitude
    PANTHEIST 2005 Amartia
    PANTHEON 2006 Atrocity Divine
    PAPA ROACH 2000 Infest
    PAPA ROACH 2002 Lovehatetragedy
    PAPA ROACH 2004 Getting Away With Murder
    PAPA ROACH 2006 The Paramour Sessions
    PARACOCCIDIO…SIS 2003 Satyrlasis And Nymphomania
    PARADIGMA 1996 Skadi
    PARADISE LOST 1990 Lost Paradise
    PARADISE LOST 1991 Gothic
    PARADISE LOST 1992 Shades Of God
    PARADISE LOST 1993 Icon
    PARADISE LOST 1995 The Last Time
    PARADISE LOST 1995 Forever Failure
    PARADISE LOST 1995 Draconian Times
    PARADISE LOST 1996 Live Enchantment
    PARADISE LOST 1997 One Second
    PARADISE LOST 1999 Host
    PARADISE LOST 2001 Believe In Nothing
    PARADISE LOST 2002 Symbol Of Life
    PARADISE LOST 2005 Paradiselost
    PARADISE LOST 2006 B-Sides & Rarities (CD 1)
    PARADISE LOST 2006 B-Sides & Rarities (CD 2)
    PARAMAECIUM 1994 Exhumed Of The Earth
    PARRICIDE 2003 Kingdom Of Downfall
    PAST REDEMPTION 2005 Forever Burning Scorn
    PATHOLOGIST 1994 Grinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems
    PATHOLOGY STENCH 1997 Gluttony
    PATRIOT PR.(Сокира Перуна,Коловрат.. 2004 Jan Stuart Donaldson Memorial(10 Years In Valhalla)
    PAUL CHAIN 2002 Park Of Reason
    PAUL DIANNO 2006 The Living Dead
    PAZUZU 1997 Awaken The Dragon
    PECCATUM 2000 Amor Fati
    PECCATUM 2004 Lost In Reverie
    PELICAN 2003 Australasia
    PELICAN 2002 Pelican (EP)
    PENETRALIA 1998 Carpe Noctem. Legends Of Fullmoon Empires
    PENETRALIA 2000 Seelenkrank
    PENITENT 1999 Melancholia
    PENNYWISE 1999 Straight Ahead
    PENTAGORIA 2001 …And The Sky Bled Gore
    PENUMBRA 1999 Emanate
    PENUMBRA 2002 The Last Bewitchment
    PENUMBRA 2003 Seclusion
    PERISHED 2003 Seid
    PERVERSIST 2002 Necrophilharmony
    PESSIMIST 1997 Gult Of The Intiated
    PESSIMIST 1999 Blood For The Gods
    PESSIMIST 2002 Slaughtering The Faithful
    PEST 2003 Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial
    PESTILENCE 1988 Malleus Malificarum
    PESTILENCE 1989 Consuming Impulse
    PESTILENCE 1991 Testimony Of The Ancients
    PESTILENCE 1993 Spheres
    PETER FRAMPTON 2006 Fingerprints
    PETTALOM 2001 The Wine Of The Night
    PHANTASMOGORY (Ukr) 2002 Anamorphosis of Dreams
    PHOBIA 2002 Serenity Through Pain
    PIG DESTROYER 2001 Prowler In The Yord
    PIG DESTROYER 2005 Terrifyer
    PIGSTY 2002 The Return
    PINK FLOYD 1971 Meddie
    PINK FLOYD 1973 The Dark Side Of The Moon
    PINK FLOYD 1975 Wish You Werehere
    PINK FLOYD 1977 Animals
    PINK FLOYD 1979 The Wall
    PINK FLOYD 1987 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
    PINK FLOYD 1994 The Division Bell
    PINK FLOYD 1995 The Symphonic Music Of Pink Floyd
    PIORUN 2004 Stajemy Jak Ojce
    PISSING RAZORS 2003 Evolution
    PITCHSHIFTER 1994 The Remix War
    PITCHSHIFTER 1995 Desensitized
    PITCHSHIFTER 1998 www.pitchshifter.com
    PLACEBO 2000 Black Market Music
    PLACEBO 2003 Sleepeng With Ghosts
    PLACEBO 2004 Once More With Feeling
    PLACEBO 2006 Meds
    PLANTA CADAVER 2002 Ultimo Acto
    POEMA ARCANUS 2002 Iconoclast
    POETRY 1998 Catharsis
    POISONBLACK 2003 Escapexstacy
    POISONBLACK 2006 Lust Stained Despair
    PORTISHEAD 1994 Dummy
    PORTISHEAD 1997 Portishead
    PORTISHEAD 1998 Roseland Nyc Live
    PORTISHEAD 1999 Pearl
    POSSESSED 1985 Seven Churches
    POSSESSED 1986 Beyond The Gates
    POSSESSED 1987 Eyes of Horror
    POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER (Belarus) 2003 Avantground Undergrind
    POTENTIAM 1999 Balsyn
    POTENTIAM 2004 Orka I Myrkri
    POWERMAN 5000 1997 Meg

  13. #73
    Аватар для BlackHost

    По умолчанию

    brutal, Вот это нафлудил!

    Процитировать тебя, что ли ?

  14. #74
    Аватар для Roter Schnee
    dead sweet 80s

    По умолчанию


  15. #75
    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

    как-вы понимаете это еще не все)))

  16. #76
    Аватар для Машуля

    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от Mr.Lazy
    это любимые или самые любимые?

    Ночные Снайперы, ДДТ, Чайф, Ноутилиус Помпилиус, Наутилус Помпилиус, Pink, Avril lavigne, Nelly furtado

  17. #77
    Аватар для Машуля

    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от brutal
    как-вы понимаете это еще не все)))
    *вкрадчиво так* быть может нам достаточно уже того, что вы нам поведали…вы и так были предельно откровенны с нами

  18. #78
    Аватар для Freja

    По умолчанию

    brutal, могли бы и потреково выложить... чё мелочиться

  19. #79
    Аватар для brutal

    По умолчанию

    ок, кого интересует "полное собрание" велком сюды:

  20. #80
    Аватар для Roter Schnee
    dead sweet 80s

    По умолчанию

    Брутал крут. Собрал у себя на винте эмпэтришную солянку из всего и вся и теперь думает с кем бы писькой померяцца.

    Эмпэтри не руллз. :P

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