Показати повну версію : Many attempts are being made to create a better experience for players

17.09.2019, 10:36
The ball physics program will introduce newer and much better shot trajectories. There'll be more real ball bounces and spins, influenced even by a tackle from the game. To swerving bits By knuckleballs, ball movement is defined to be authentic. According to EA, it has been intently listening to fan feedback since the release of FIFA 20. A number of this feedback was used to enhance FUT 20 Coins (https://www.mmotank.com/Fifa-20-Coins.html) , but the modifications made based on other feedback will not be seen until future installments.EA notes it is getting more feedback during the development process for FIFA 20 than ever before so that it doesn't have to wait until launching to incorporate feedback from gamers. This includes not play with the game but more gamers, which ensures all types of players are represented.

Meanwhile, EA provided the following rundown of further community request features and mechanisms it will be tuning and prioritizing for FIFA 20. Many attempts are being made to create a better experience for players when it comes to AI Defending and AI Teammate movement/positioning/reactions, as this was continuously cited and asked by our players for another version of FIFA.

Renewed Defending System the defending systems are being revived, with revised positioning and modification into the cadence and flow on the pitch. Manual defending will be emphasized and result in much more rewarding results for those who do so.Planned Tackling is a new system which favors manual handling by making certain the guardian that tries the tackle does so in a favorable context to your group (such as recovering the ball or kicking the ball to a nearby teammate when tackling, for example).

Contain and Secondary Contain Effectiveness is going to be decreased, keeping the positioning of players/AI Teammates at a further distance and with a diminished reaction to directional changes from the dribbler, rarely resulting in an auto-tackle or an auto-block. This is likely to make manual defending not just more effective, but also more rewarding.Improved Jockey System will be implemented with much more agility and precision Buy FIFA 20 Coins (https://www.mmotank.com/Fifa-20-Coins.html), rewarding players who decide to take control of their own defenders.With these varied mechanics and systems, we expect our players will feel a difference in regards to AI Defending, that was a stage of community concern during FIFA 20.